Project Service:

Development & Application

ACT CLEAN aims at increasing eco-efficiency of production processes of SMEs in Central Europe. Its development process started early in 2007, initiated by the German Ministry of Environment together with the Cleaner Production Department of the Federal Environment Agency. 

In close cooperation with UBA s.Pro has been responsible for the coordination and management of the overall project development process including:
  • Translating problems into fundable project themes
  • Developing the project outline
  • Developing a comprehensive partner network throughout the project area
  • Development and submission of the Project Application in due time and form
Funding programme: 
Lead partner: 
Total budget: 
€ 3 M
Total duration: 
Environmentally friendly technologies and management systems increase the environmental performance of SMEs, they boost the profits of entrepreneurs by reducing costs and increasing sales and they support compliance with environmental standards as required by EU directives and regulations.

Act Clean supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) throughout Central Europe to implement eco-efficient production processes. It promotes environmental technologies and management systems by connecting demand and supply. ActClean provides SMEs with technological and managerial know-how on one side and it facilitates the marketing of already existing solutions on the other.

The Act Clean network offers several ideas on how to optimize production processes via:
  • Direct support from Act Clean National Contact Points, which can directly connect SMEs with over 200 outstanding institutions in the field of Cleaner Production throughout Central Europe.
  • Matchmaking events focusing on specific needs and giving access to best solutions from Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia.
  • Knowledge sharing via the Act Clean Database with over 1000 examples of best available technologies, management systems and support tools for eco-efficiency.