Project Service:

Studies & Policy Advice

Service duration: November 2005 – April 2006
The INTERREG IIIB Assessment involved the following tasks:
  • Assessment of relevance of each of the 126 INTERREG projects to Baltic 21 Action Programme, sector actions and joint area actions
  • Review of project descriptions, project reports, websites and other publications
  • Design, distribution and review of answers to specific Baltic 21 questionnaire to all project managers 
  • Collection of information on best practices, policy recommendations / impact, pilot projects with relevance to Baltic 21 Action Programme
  • Identification of gaps between INTERREG projects and Baltic 21 Actions
  • Assessment of current Lighthouse Project themes according to gap analysis and priorities of new joint territorial programme
  • Identification of additional Lighthouse Project themes
  • Conclusions and recommendations on future cooperation between Baltic 21 and the Territorial Programme
Funding programme: 
Lead partner: 
Baltic 21
Total budget: 
€ 75,000
Total duration: 
The INTERREG III B BSR Neighbourhood Programme (2000-2006) is the community initiative concerning transnational cooperation to promote spatial planning and regional development throughout the Baltic Sea Region. With a total budget of around 215 Million EURO, 126 projects have received EU co-financing under this programme.

The purpose of the assessment initiated by Baltic 21 was to review to what extend projects funded under INTERREG III B BSR have contributed to the implementation of the Baltic 21 Action Programme and therefore to sustainable development of the BSR in general.

This assessment was made in view of:
  • The Baltic 21 Triennial Report (2004-2006), where regional progress on sustainable development is reviewed, actions taken in each sector and joint area are summarised, and the overall successes and challenges experienced by Baltic 21 are assessed.
  • A first review of the six Baltic 21 Lighthouse Projects (all financed by INTERREG).
  • The search and discussion of new Baltic 21 Lighthouse Project themes, partnerships and funding sources. 
  • Underlining the position of Baltic 21 in the current consultation process with the Joint Programming Committee for the financing facility for territorial cooperation in view of possible priorities and measures to be included and approval/implementation procedures to be adopted.