EU Green Book on Maritime Policy

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Studies & Policy Advice

Service duration: April – June 2007
The ICZM Working Group of the VASAB 2010 took the opportunity to comment on the EU Maritime Green Paper. s.Pro has been contracted with this task, which included the following steps:
  • Screening of Major Related Documents, Strategies, Projects (EU, BSR, VASAB, ICZM, Sea-Use-Planning, etc.)
  • Preparation of a discussion paper and Power Point Presentation for the ICZM Working Group Meeting in Warsaw 26.05.07
  • Incorporation of the discussion process of the CSD/BSR Meeting and other pan-Baltic organisations into Position Paper and finalisation of the Position Paper 
Later on, the VASAB 2010 comment has also been adopted as official statement of Baltic 21 (except Estonia).
A very similar statement has been discussed and approved by the managed by s.Pro INTERREG IIIB project PlanCoast (2005-2008). Altogether, the statements endorsed by s.Pro have had a significant impact on the EU Green Book consultation results, which can be seen in the 2008 EU Blue Book on Maritime Policy and its Action Plan.
Funding programme: 
Lead partner: 
VASAB 2010
Total budget: 
€ 10,000
Total duration: 
April - June 2007
The Green Paper on a Future EU Maritime Policy, adopted by the Commission in June 2006, constitutes a first step towards the establishment of an all-embracing EU Maritime Policy, aimed at developing a thriving maritime economy and the full potential of sea-based activity in an environmentally sustainable manner. The purpose of the Green Paper is to stimulate a broad debate among stakeholders and at all levels of governance.

Examples of questions raised by the Green Paper are:
  • How can ICZM be successfully implemented? (Chapter 3.4)
  • What are the principles and mechanisms that should underpin maritime spatial planning systems? (Chapter 4.1)
  • How can systems for planning on land and sea be made compatible? (Chapter 4.1)

EU-wide public consultations on the Green Book were conducted between January and July 2007. Both VASAB 2010 and the INTERREG IIIB project PlanCoast (2006-2008) coordinated by s.Pro contributed to this discussion.