Project Service:

Development & Application

In close cooperation with BMU, s.Pro has been responsible for the coordination and management of the overall project development process including:
  • Translating problems into fundable project themes
  • Developing the project outline
  • Developing a comprehensive partner network throughout the project area 
  • Development and submission of the Project Application in due time and form
Funding programme: 
Lead partner: 
Total budget: 
€ 2.4 M
Total duration: 
Designed to identify possibilities to foster sustainable usage of renewable energy from biomass in Central Europe, this project was initiated by the German Ministry of Environment – a key actor and driver of biomass policies in Europe – together with the German Agency for Renewable Energy sources (FNR).

The starting point for the project is Central Europe’s high potential for biomass. As opposed to other renewable energy sources (RES) biomass is limited, which involves a danger of unsustainable production. For this reason 4Biomass was conceived putting emphasis on the sustainable dimension and contributing to the goal of 20% share of renewable energy sources to energy supply in Europe.

The overall aim of the project is the implementation of national Biomass Action Plans and bioenergy policies by bringing together expert knowledge on the use of RES and energy efficiency.