Financing Energy Efficiency Measures in Apartment Blocks in Kaliningrad Oblast

Funding programme:
Total budget:
€ 430,000
Project duration:
2003 – 2004 

Resource efficiency

The system of housing management inherited by the Russian Federation from its former planned economy is highly inefficient and wasteful in the use of resources such as drinking water, warm water and distance heating. Due to this fact, the Duma of the Kaliningrad Oblast adopted in June 2002 the” Programme for the Reform and Modernisation of Housing and Communal Services 2002-2010”. The programme is very ambitious in its aims and measures. It can actually not be realized under the current operational and financial capabilities and capacities of the Housing Committee of the Oblast Administration.

The Kaliningrad Oblast Administration asked the Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein together with the Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO) to offer their advice and transfer their experience in creating and implementing a financial support programme for the application of energy efficiency measures in residential houses.

The initiative has been continued by the second BEEN project (2005-2007) "Baltic Energy Efficiency Network for the Buiding Stock".