Project Service:

Development & Application

Service duration: 2010
Within short deadlines, s.Pro was responsible for the following activities of this project proposal lead-managed by s.Pro:
  • Making enquiries about the ESPON programme and its rules
  • Developing the project outline and arranging the project consortium
  • Producing the detailed project proposal with details about the research background and approaches, work plan and communication activities
  • Preparing and submitting the project application in due time and form
  • Had the proposal been successful, s.Pro would have been responsible for the overall project coordination and the economic research project
Funding programme: 
Lead partner: 
Total budget: 
 € 800,000
Total duration: 
The overall aim of the TerraMaRe project is to develop innovative, holistic ways to analyse territorial development of European Seas from a cross-sectoral and cross-regional perspective so as to arrive to a EU wide understanding of the strengths/weaknesses and opportunities/threats to European regions deriving from increasing sea uses.

The proposal was rated good. However, it was not approved in favour of competing proposals.