North Sea Study

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Studies & Policy Advice

Service duration: April – December 2013
In close cooperation with its consortium partners, s.Pro has been responsible for:
  • Identifying the Blue Growth potential at Member State level (elaboration of country fiches) for three countries: Denmark, Germany and Sweden
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April – December 2013
Under a Service Framework Contract with the EU Commission / DG MARE, s.Pro as part of the ECORYS/s.Pro/MRAG consortium has developed the "Study on Blue Growth and Maritime Policy within the North Sea Region and the English Channel".

DG MARE has commissioned this study (same as similar studies in other European sea basins) in order to gain a comprehensive overview of the blue economy in Europe.

With view to the Blue Growth and Europe 2020 Agenda, as well as the 2014-2020 programming period, the study has provided a clear picture of the main strengths, potential barriers and bottlenecks for the development of marine and maritime economic activities in the North Sea Region and the English Channel.

This has required detailed analysis of the maritime economic activities of each of the seven EU Member States involved (plus Norway), as well as analysis of the potential blue growth opportunities at sea-basin level.

At the national level, country fiches have provided a detailed breakdown of marine and maritime economic activities, realistic growth scenarios and a number of regional case studies.

At sea basin level, the study has identified existing and potential trans-border cooperation mechanisms, as well as the common resources and funding opportunities available to further develop policy initiatives in the region.