Baltic LINes

Coherent Linear Infrastructures in Baltic Maritime Spatial Plans

Funding programme:
Total budget:
€ 2.4 M
Project duration:

Maritime policy and blue growth

With the growing amount of the human activities in the Baltic Sea, the demand for space is also growing. A spatial coordination of future development for different economical activities may timely solve potential conflicts, ensure efficient use of the sea space and promote sustainability in the future. Not only trans-sectoral, but also trans-national coordination of the process is needed to preclude cross-border mismatches and secure transnational connectivity.
Baltic LINes aims to develop Baltic Sea planning solutions for shipping routes and energy transmission corridors. These are to be incorporated into the respective national maritime spatial plans. It ensures the harmonisation of cross-border plan¬ning and the efficient transnational use of the Baltic Sea. In order to accomplish this goal, a consultation process with na tional and transnational stakeholder bodies is conducted in the course of the project. The project partners are also estab¬ishing joint planning criteria, analysing data and conducting coordination processes. A Baltic Sea-wide information tool is being developed as a result, helping the planning authorities establish the most suitable basic parameters for „blue growth“.

s.Pro has supported the lead partner in developing a successful project proposal. After the project was approved in 2016, s.Pro has been assigned as the External Project Coordination Office, responsible for the project management.
In close cooperation with the client and all project partners, s.Pro was responsible for coordinating the project development process for the project "Baltic LINes – Coherent Linear Infrastructures in Baltic Maritime Spatial Plans". This process included:
  • Translating problems into fundable project themes,
  • Developing the project outline,
  • Developing a comprehensive partner network throughout the programme area,
  • Preparing, moderating and documenting a project development workshop,
  • Elaborating the project workplan and budget,
  • Preparing and submitting the project's concept note and full-fledged application in due time and form.
s.Pro runs the Baltic LINes External Project Coordination Office that supports all project partners in the implementation of the project. More specifically it is responsible for the administrative and financial management, as well as the internal communication. More concrete, this refers to the following activities:
  • Assisting the Work Package leaders in their project management tasks
  • Organising telephone conference and meetings to discuss progress and deliverables
  • Providing knowledge input on deliverables in cooperation with colleagues from the MSP Platform.
  • Organising project partner meetings and conferences, for example in cooperation with the NorthSEE project
  • Organising the internal communication of the project by maintaining an internal information portal and regularly updating project partners.
  • Ensuring coherence of project activities with the projects objectives
  • Financial Management and coordination of the overall project budget
  • Regular reporting to the programme on the technical and financial project progress
  • Aligning communication related issues with the project partner VASAB, responsible for the projects’ external communication.