Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)

Hamburg Port Authority is the manager and administrator of the Hamburg port, the biggest port in Germany, and third biggest (after Rotterdam and Antwerpen) in Europe.

Port of Hamburg is located far upstream the Elbe river, with its dynamic watercourse, changing current and sedimentation conditions. The port, in contrast, is a commercial system that demands availability, reliability and safety of navigable waters.The aim of the HPA is to consider both aspects in its strategies and combine the different needs as harmoniously and sustainably as possible. HPAs tasks are therefore the following: regulating of waterflow, stabilisation of navigation channels and maintaining fairway depths by the means of economically and ecologically balanced sediment management and maintenance dredging. HPA also secures and designs river banks  and waterfront structures, maintains locks, sluices and pumping stations. Other areas of HPA's responsibility are flood protection and risk prevention as well as water pollution control. 

HPA was involved in a number of initiatives for the popularisation of its integrated approach to river management. The latest initiative is called TIDE and was approved under the 4th call of the North Sea Region Programme. s.Pro carried out the second, successful application, and was then assigned as project manager.
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