Project Service:

Management & Communication

Service duration: April 2009 – April 2012
s.Pro runs the SPIN External Project Coordination Office that supports all project partners in the implementation of the project. More specifically it is responsible for the administrative and financial management as well the communication activities of the overall project. This involves in particular the following activities:

  • Consultation of project partners on Interreg rules and procedures
  • Support in the establishment of the contractual framework of the project
  • Organization of several project workshops and conferences
  • Ensuring coherence of project activities with objective
  • Design and maintenance of the project website
  • Preparation of project related presentations and info materials
  • Financial Management and coordination of the overall project budget
  • Regular reporting to the JTS on the technical and financial project progress
Funding programme: 
Lead partner: 
Total budget: 
€ 3 M
Total duration: 
Innovation is widely understood as the driving force for economic growth. It is new products and services, and new technologies for producing, packaging or delivering them, which add value to the economy and enable us to improve our standard of living. Innovations in sustainable production can make especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) more competitive, profitable and environmentally friendly.

The Baltic Sea Region has a great R&D potential, yet the application of these innovations especially by SMEs is still scarce. At the same time, changing market conditions and numerous EC directives pose ever stricter environmental standards on SMEs, who are often unprepared to face this challenge.

SPIN brings together some of the most important institutions for eco-innovations in the Baltic Sea Region and is supported by numerous national governments, sector associations, research bodies and transnational NGOs, in order to:
  • Identify and promote innovation highlights for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Provide SMEs access to technical and managerial innovation which matches their specific needs
  • Familiarise and supply SMEs with best available management and decision making tools which help them to apply innovations in their companies
  • Develop incentives and support policies for SMEs to apply innovations
  • Create a coherent international support and policy framework throughout the Baltic Sea Region

SPIN builds on the experience of the Baltic 21 industry sector and was selected as one of Baltic 21's Lighthouse Projects, which have been designed to promote sustainable development throughout the Baltic Sea Region.