Development & Application

“Get Funds For Your Objectives!”

On behalf of our international and national clients we assess the current trends in sustainable development and the consequent gaps to be filled in policy and its implementation. Every financing programme follows its specific set of application rules and procedures. General project ideas need to be reframed in order to match these given demands.

As a result, we develop comprehensive project concepts and strategies.

Within tight deadlines, s.Pro:
  • Explores the needs and problems of its clients
  • Translates problems into fundable project themes
  • Keeps up-to-date with international funding programmes
  • Creates international project partner networks
  • Organises and moderates project development workshops
  • Reframes client general demands into a clear set of achievable objectives, work packages and activities
  • Writes the project or tender proposals
  • Highlights the unique selling points of each proposal
  • Instructs, advises and follows up on the formal documents to be submitted
  • Assesses which project partner or expert should fulfil which role in the project
  • Points to the capacities and experience of each project partner
  • Develops the work plan, project budget, logical framework
  • Ensures that all this information is collected in one single application pack at the given date