Management & Communication

“Complex projects  – easy to follow!”

International projects are characterised by a multitude of different demands and objectives expressed by their various stakeholders. Within a good project the interactions between the partners priorities and activities lead to better results than if they had acted on their own.

While the management of this transnational process is a complex task in its own right, each stakeholder shall find it easy to follow the project.

This requires:
  • Cultural sensitivity and pan-European networks
  • Good communication, organisational and analytical skills
  • Know-how of the rules and procedures of funding organisations
  • Background knowledge of each partner's objectives and capacities
  • Advises project partners on the rules and procedures of the financing organisations
  • Organises transnational project events
  • Prepares project progress reports and all other related material
  • Takes care of the financial management of projects
  • Organises and checks that activities, project partners, and experts follow the expected quality, targets and pace
  • Facilitates the dissemination of general and specific project results to the given target groups