Studies & Policy Advice

”Our reports make a difference!“

Being at the intersection of various programmes and projects allows us to analyse projects, programmes and their results from a broader perspective.

Our aim is to produce reports that result in concrete sets of conlusions and recommendations, which are both visionary and can be realistically implemented in the given environment.

For this purpose, the reports are presented in such a way that they are readily understandable to a wide audience from different sectors and cultures.

  • Evaluates and monitors programmes and projects
  • Develops policy recommendations
  • Prepares "best practice" reports, handbooks and guidelines
  • Carries out specific in-depth sector and country studies
Some selected examples:

SUBMARINER RoadmapSUBMARINER CompendiumBaltSeaPlan FindingsBaltSeaPlan Vision 2030

PlanCoast HandbookEcoRegion FindingsBaltCoast Recommendations