MSP Platform

Project Service:

Management & Communication

Service duration: 2016 –
s.Pro is the Lead Partner that provides overall management and support to all project partners in implementation. More specifically it is responsible for the administrative and financial management as well as the communication activities of the overall project. This includes the following activities:
  • Key organizational responsibility for studies, Focal Points, Website, Project assistance and funding opportunities,
  • Host of Baltic Sea Focal Point,
  • Organisation of conferences, expert group meetings and workshops,
  • Design and maintenance of Assistance Mechanism website,
  • Preparation of project related presentations and informational materials,
  • Lead knowledge teams,
  • Support in the establishment of the contractual framework of the project,
  • Financial Management and coordination of overall project budget,
  • Regular reporting to European Commission on technical and financial project progress.
Funding programme: 
Lead partner: 
s.Pro – sustainable projects GmbH
Total budget: 
€ 1.1 M
Total duration: 
2016 –
Uses in Europe’s sea areas are increasing, leading to potential conflicts and competition for maritime space among users. Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) is a strategy to help minimize conflicts, create synergies, support sustainable maritime economies, and preserve the marine environment. The EU Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning (2014/89/EU) promotes sustainable growth of maritime activities by establishing a framework for the implementation of MSP in EU waters.

To provide administrative and technical support to Member States in implementing the MSP Directive, the European Commission has launched the Assistance Mechanism. The project will provide practical information to Member States, and prepare technical studies and meetings, which are linked to implementation.

Services to be provided under the Assistance Mechanism include:
  • Technical studies on MSP: For subjects where gaps in knowledge exist, studies will be conducted on subjects defined by the European Commission in cooperation with Member State experts.
  • Support for Member States: Useful information on the implementation of MSP will be generated and disseminated via a focal point service in each of the European sea-basins and one central dedicated MSP website: Information will include samples of practices and tools for implementing requirements of the MSP Directive as well as available funding instruments.
  • Support for the European Commission: Support will be provided to prepare, facilitate and document the Member State Expert Group on MSP and MSP-related conferences.
The partner consortium, under the leadership of s.Pro, brings together a mixture of MSP experts, universities and consultants across all European sea-basins to ensure services are designed to meet Member States' needs regarding MSP implementation.