Management of projects and platforms

We apply our long-standing expertise, bringing in cultural sensitivity and pan-European networks in combination with a background knowledge of each partner's objectives and capacities.


  • Gives platform stakeholders the relevant, targeted information they need to guide their own decision-making,
  • Organises and faciliates transnational project and platform events,
  • Prepares progress reports and all other related material, takes care of the financial management and advises project partners on the rules and procedures of the financing organisations,
  • Continuously provides guidance to partners, stakeholders and experts to ensure that activities follow the expected quality, targets and pace,
  • Ensures the smooth functioning of internal project communication,
  • Converts general and specific project results into target-group-oriented dissemination products,
  • Carries out the dissemination of general and specific project results to the relevant target groups.

Samples of projects:

EU MSP Platform
Smart Blue Regions

s.Pro is founding and managing partner of the SUBMARINER Network, which brings together an unlimited range of public and private actors from all Baltic Sea Region countries in order to promote and realise activities necessary for using marine resources innovatively and sustainably.