Sustainable regional development

Regional policy all across the EU aims to support job creation, business competitiveness, economic growth whilst ensuring sustainable development and environmental protection. Only so can regions improve citizens’ quality of life.

s.Pro is working in regions and for regions to support the implementation of economic, environmental and social objectives that together lead to sustainable regional development.

For many years, s.Pro has been working for the German Environment Agency (UBA) in projects that aim to deliver solutions for effectively utilising resources and energy in production and consumption processes. Transnational partnerships come together to find innovative solutions, to design products differently, to apply innovative technologies like 3D printing and ultimately to work towards a circular economy.

s.Pro is also heavily involved in research and innovation strategies for smart specialization (RIS3) -  a new policy instrument introduced by the EU. Using a place-based approach, the aim of smart specialisation is to utilise resources available in the region and so identifying unique innovation and development opportunities. Thus, the strategy can promote better governance and getting stakeholders more involved, as well as focusing on investment and creating synergies within and between regions.

Climate change knows no borders and mitigation measures has to take place all across the globe in order to slow down global warming. s.Pro supports regions in planning renewable energy production but is also involved in climate change adaption as many regions, particularly coastal regions, are already suffering from the impacts of global warming.

Samples of projects:

Smart Blue Regions
EcoDesign Circle

s.Pro is founding and managing partner of the SUBMARINER Network, which brings together an unlimited range of public and private actors from all Baltic Sea Region countries in order to promote and realise activities necessary for using marine resources innovatively and sustainably.